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Julie brindle boxer, 10 years, female

Julie was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago and got a full set of vaccinations, on top of it chemical flea and tick treatment. Her body reacted and she developed hives and allergies for months. I gently detoxed her system with Australian Bush Flower Essences, she got better (cancer in remission), but there were still those really bad allergies. Eventually I decided it is time for a Kinesiology balancing. From that day on she stopped licking, her itch was gone, her skin healed, her fur became shiny and she is enjoying her regular massage and acupressure.

Paula Bull Arab Cross, 9 years, female

Paula was presented as a dog which could not walk any more, obviously a neurologic problem affecting her rear limbs, no pain though. Her owners noticed it getting worse over the last few months. She pants a lot, coughs when she tries to get up, has a low muscle tone, bloated tummy, thick green nasal discharge, looks older than she should, very nice fur, her kidneys look bad on ultrasound, spleen was fine, urine is fine, she has bad teeth, small adrenals and she drinks a lot.

After her first acupressure session she was very sleepy, but to our all amazement she got up and (still very wobbly) walked out of my rooms afterwards!

I saw her again for more acupressure and she improved further. She is still walking, getting steadier every time.

Sammy domestic shorthair, 5 years, female

Sammy just overcame tick paralysis, her hindquarters were still very wobbly.

A combination of therapeutic massage, acupressure and Australian Bush Flower Essences assisted her recovery. She is now her old self and watching the fish pond as I was told.

Gina golden boxer, 11 years, female

Get gets tremors, like small seizures, her head starts shaking and she cannot control it. It is very scary to watch and the first time it happened those tremors stopped only after 15 minutes.

The next time it happened, I tried TTouch on her and brought it down to 10 minutes.

After a few weeks we had the next tremors and I added some Australian Bush Flower Essences, the tremors stopped after about 5 minutes.

We got the best result with combining the Australian Bush Flower Essences and acupressure, now the tremors only lasted 1 minute!

I still do not know what causes the tremors, but regular acupressure seems to extend the period in between those occurrences, we did not have a tremor for a few months so far.

Pungo - kelpie/staffy cross, 3 months, male

Pungo had a very serious roundworm infestation, his whole body was bloated and the worms were actually coming out of his anus. We used the food grade Diatomaceous Earth and a few weeks later the vet could not find a single worm or worm casing any more.

Travis - koala, male

I met Travis at the Australian Wildlife Hospital in Beerwah. He was in there for 4 years, due to a car accident he suffered from radial nerve damage and could not use his left arm any more. He could not be released as he was unable to climb up the gum trees. A number of experts already worked on him, but nothing helped. Therefore the people from the Wildlife Hospital did not give me much hope, but I tried it anyway. I worked on Travis with Acupressure and Australian Bush Flower Essences. To the big surprise of all he started to improve and he got so good that he could eventually be released! Read more details (including photos) on my blog:

Toby - boxer, 3 years, male

Toby was found as a stray with a horrible skin condition. After 1 month in the pound his cheeks were huge open wounds.
A food change, Australian Bush Flower Essences to detox his body was all that was needed and his wounds healed beautifully.
Toby also had a really bad ear infection, in fact the ears were blocked with goo and the pound considered putting him asleep. They predicted he would have to stay on continuous ear treatment for the rest of his life. Two weeks later on the blue ear cleaner his ear infection was gone and never came back, Toby is 5y old now.

Buddy - boxer, 10 years, male

Buddy was one of RSPCA's not rehomable dogs due to

a) his age

b) a non-treatable ear infection and

c) separation anxiety and storm phobia (came with medication that would knock him out)

I used the blue ear cleaner and his ear infection was a matter of the past after 1 week. His anxiety issues were solved rather quickly with just some Australian Bush Flower Essences.
Buddy is now 11,5 years old and still playful like a puppy.

Monday, March 19, 2018
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Case studies
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