How to get rid of fleas without using harsh chemicals
:: How to get rid of fleas without using harsh chemicals ::

Fleas can be a problem all year round although there are times when more seem to be around.

You will see your dog scratching/biting mainly on the rear end, when you place your dog on a white surface and use a fine flea comb some dark crumbs fall down (flea feces), maybe you even see some little guys jumping!

If you are like me and do not want to use chemicals on your dogs, you might consider trying this:

With fleas on your dog, there will be fleas in your dog’s bedding, your carpets, everywhere. So it is crucial to wash whatever you can put in the washing machine. Vacuum your carpets daily and do not forget to throw out the vacuum bag every time!

I grow lavender in my garden, which is a beautiful plant. Try to grow your own (or buy some in your local health food store), use a good handful of the fresh lavender, including the flowers and brew a very strong tea. Let it cool down and fill the tea in a spray bottle which you can buy to spray plants with.
Spray your whole house with the lavender tea, fleas hate lavender! Please test first, if it stains. I would not want you to blame me afterwards. It did not stain my beige carpet though.

I usually do the next step BEFORE I go for a walk with my dogs.
I spray them as well. Do not spray it into your dog’s face, spray it on your hands instead and rub it gently over his ears and face. Then go for a walk. I literally saw fleas hopping off my dogs and I was glad it did not happen in my house!

You have to repeat this procedure after a few weeks again. This will be the time when the flea eggs will hatch. With vacuuming you will get rid of a lot, but there will always be a few who survive. There is no set rule when they will hatch, it depends on humidity and temperature. Be prepared and eventually they will all be gone.

The side effect – you will have a very nice smell in your home and your dogs will also have a lovely smell!
If there is a heavy infestation, some people use food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE). It can be sprinkled around, just be careful not to create too much dust and not to inhale it or let your pets inhale it.

Next is the pets - DE should be worked lightly, but very thoroughly through the fur of the pets and it is important to use it on all pets at the same time. Again, be careful that it doesn't get inhaled or gets into the eyes. It will kill adult fleas within 24-72 hours, when they get in contact with the DE.

The food grade Diatomaceous Earth should be used about twice weekly on the animals for 3 weeks because it won't kill the eggs and if used for that amount of time it should take care of hatching fleas as well.
As said before, it is crucial to treat everything at the same time, carpets, beddings, yard (be aware it will also kill beneficial insects, so use with care) and the animals.

If my pets have fleas I will also administer food grade Diatomaceous Earth orally to avoid tapeworms which can be transmitted by accidentally swallowed fleas.
NOTE: Only use food grade Diatomaceous Earth, the pool filter grade Diatomaceous Earth is chemically treated and toxic if ingested!

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How to get rid of fleas without using harsh chemicals
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