How to remove a tick safely
:: How to remove a tick safely ::

The most common dog ticks in Australia are the Brown Tick and the Paralysis Tick. The latter is the most dangerous one and it is responsible for the death of many pets.† Therefore ticks should be removed as soon as they are spotted.

If you use forceps or similar tools, you squeeze and stress the tick which can cause the tick to release its toxin into the petís body.
Insect repellent or other parasites killing sprays will kill a tick, but when a tick dies, its muscles relax and the toxin gets injected into the petís body.

So, how to remove a tick without killing or otherwise stressing it?

I find the easiest way to remove a tick is this:

Put your finger down on the tick and move your finger in tiny circles (it does not matter, if clockwise or anti-clockwise), basically rolling the tick under your finger. You have to continue for a while, but eventually the tick will just fall out, all in one piece, maybe a bit dizzy but alive.

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How to remove a tick safely
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