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Dog petrified of storms!

"Dagmar I just want to say that the Emergency Essence is a god sent! I got some yesterday arvo and last night we had a severe thunderstorm and I gave a few drops to my lab and it worked wonders! Within minutes she was calm and went to sleep, I added some to the water bowl and my boxer X lab pup slept like a log, he slept all night without getting up to see what he could destroy whilst we were asleep which he hasn't done in a long time. So I highly recommend the Emergency Essence to anyone"

-Mishie Monteleone-


15 year old boxer finally relaxed during thunderstorms!

"I have never before tried Natural Therapies until I became acquainted with Dagmar Scherer.

Our paths crossed through our common interest in Boxer dogs and my 15 year old Boxer Gemma was in need of some help.

Gemma has always been afraid of storms & would hide under tables or beds & not eat while there was thunder around.
I have been treating her stress levels with the Australian Bush Flower Essence that Dagmar supplied and the difference in Gemma has been truly amazing! The first test came last week when we had a massive storm with thunder shaking the house, & Gemma slept through half of it then just lay there calmly through the rest. The only thing I can put this down to is her taking the Australian Bush Flower Essence that I have been giving her twice a day. I wish I had learned of this essence earlier so Gemma could have been much less stressed over the last 15 years! I would highly recommend Dagmar to anyone that has any problems with their pets, whether it be for stress, injury or any other complaint. I am sure she would have an essence that could help. I'd like to finish with a very big Thank you to Dagmar for first of all opening my eyes to the Natural Therapies World and secondly for supplying this miracle cure for Gemma!"

- Sandra Smith-

Monday, March 19, 2018
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